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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Freckled Duck

Scientific Name: Stictonetta naevosa

Freckled Duck

Freckled Duck in swamp near Nhill, Vic. Jan 2014

Freckled ducks & Pink-eared Ducks

They were accompianed with 8 Pink-eared Ducks at Mardi, NSW Aug 2013.

Freckled Ducks

34 Freckled Ducks ducks returned to a nearby swamp at Mardi in August 2013

Pair immature Freckled Ducks

Pair immature Freckled Ducks at Pioneer Dairy, Wyong Feb 2013.

Flock of Freckiled Ducks

Five immature Freckled Ducks in the flock of nine that were sighted for the first time on the Central Coast since 2003.

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