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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Grey Butcherbird

Scientific Name: Cracticus torquatus

Grey Butcherbird

An adult Grey Butcherbird. at Long Jetty, Aug 2013.

Grey Butcherbird preening

Note the hook at the end off the beak used to tear its victims apart.

Small birds live in fear of butcherbirds who as much a predator as some of the birds of prey.

This one had a fledgling nearby and wasn't going to take its eyes off me to display the grey back and wings.

The grey on the back and wings can be seen slightly better in this shot of the adult preening itself.

Despite their aggressive nature they are one of the finest song birds however the pied Butcherbird has a nicer call, intermingled with various other bird calls and noises from their environment.

Grey Butcherbirds they don't obtain full adult colours for two years.

The Eastern Coast sub-species on the eastern side of the Great dividing Range from Brisbane to half way of Victorian coast are the Cracticus torquatus torquatus sub-speciesjuvenile Grey Butcherbird

Juvenile Grey Butcherbird, Wyperfeld National Park, Vic Oct 2014.
In this region of Western Victoria has the leucopterus sub-species.

Grey Butcherbird

Young Grey Butcherbird in full voice, Budgewoi, NSW. Nov 2013

adult Grey Butcherbird

Adult Grey Butcherbird, Budgewoi, NSW. June 2013

young Grey Butcherbird

Young Grey Butcherbird, Budgewoi, NSW. June 2013

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